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Positively Poly, Salaciously Swinging, Garrulously Groovy


December 30, 2014

OFP Episode 7: Compersion

Difficulty_979.jpgBetter late than never!

We have had a crazy week and we're not done! Tune in and find out what the hell is going on.
This week's topic, Compersion, the exact opposite of Jealousy!
<--- Also, this happened
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December 22, 2014

OFP Episode 6: Hey Jealousy!

This episode was going to be all Lifestyle 101, but turned into a protracted discussion of the pros and cons of jealousy in a relationship.

That's right, we said "pros." And there are some.
Send us your best/worst jealousy stories! theofacepodcast@gmail.com
This one is a little longer than usual, but stick with us, there are great stories at the beginning *and* the end! Just in time for the Holidays! Freckles was going to break it into two parts, but really couldn't find a good place to do it, so enjoy us a little more this holiday season!
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Happy Holidays!
Miss Jenga, Freckles and Cap'n Jack
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That's right ladies and well-behaved gentlemen, we're back and talking about our toy bags. What do you bring to the party? 

Stick around, you may get some ideas!
email us! theofacepodcast@gmail.com with your toy bag contents, we'll share some (or all) of the best!
Miss Jenga, Freckles and Cap'n Jack!
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Filthy filthy mouths and how to use them to greater effect.

Put this in your ear holes you dirty girl!
Miss Jenga, Freckles and Cap'n Jack
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Group-ety Group Group Groping.

We're all about Groups on this episode of O Face. Join us with our special special guests "Jonny Rotten" and "D."
*Sorry about the audio quality on this one folks, we've got it right on the next one, I promise -- Freckles
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