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Positively Poly, Salaciously Swinging, Garrulously Groovy


February 8, 2016

Episode 65: Koe Creation!

This week we are joined by Koe Creation (@koecreate), they are a Sex Positive: Community Networker, Relationship Advocate & Performance Artist based in San Francisco, and originally from Seattle, where they were raised in a polyamorous community in the 90s. They can be contacted through their website: http://www.koecreation.com
Production Note: This week's episode of the podcast starts out a little rough, trying to break in some loaner equipment after a catastrophic hard drive failure robbed us of our main means of getting this thing done! But fear not, we're still here!
Another note: A special thank you goes out to our Patreon Patrons this week as we recorded for the first time on cables purchased entirely with donated funds. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Please consider supporting The O Face Podcast with a $1/episode pledge at Patreon, your support keeps us going!
Miss Jenga and Freckles!
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To our clowder,

We've got a great episode for you this week!
Allena Gabosch (https://allenagabosch.wordpress.com/, @Ladysun333) joins us to talk all manner of things! Put this one in your earholes!
Miss Jenga, Freckles and Cap'n Jack
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Hello lovelies!

We're back and talking to Sweet Cheeks about coming out! Put it in your earholes!
Here's the Comprehensive List of LGBTQ+ Term Definitions Miss Jenga mentioned on the podcast!
Miss Jenga, Freckles and Cap'n Jack
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What is a Relationship Escalator? How does one get off?

Join us and find out!
Plus, STORIES!!!
Miss Jenga, Freckles and Cap'n Jack
References for this show:

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*** Trigger warning ***

We speak about conversion therapy and camps in this episode. We realize this can be triggering and would like to give our listeners an opportunity to be forewarned.
*** /Trigger warning ***
Hello there folks,
Today we've got a special guest! Miss Jenga and Freckles' daughter Sweet Cheeks! She's an activist and LGBTQIA+ Ally, she's got an internship this summer working on a project to assist underserved Trans youth.
Listen in!
Miss Jenga, Freckles and Cap'n Jack
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