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Positively Poly, Salaciously Swinging, Garrulously Groovy


March 7, 2016

Episode 69: Memento…

Miss Jenga and Freckles!
Another note: A special thank you goes out to our Patreon Patrons this week as we recorded on cables purchased entirely with donated funds. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Please consider supporting The O Face Podcast with a $1/episode pledge at Patreon, your support keeps us going!
Production Note: We've pretty much recovered from the hard drive crash!!!
See Mister Big live on stage with Manuela Horn's Naughty St. Patty's Day Party at Teatro ZinZanni (tickets)
And plugs. Plugs galore!
He's back to give us a wrap up on his latest exploits. From Bawdy Storytelling this past week, to the Keymaster Incident, all the way back to the blind date in Portlandia.
Big, is back. Back again.
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How do other couples deal with communication?
How does that evolve over time & work with different partners?
Jeff & Michelle will be join us as they have a unique communication dynamic and are figuring things out without the community.
The Uncompensated Product Endorsement of the Week!
We'd like to recommend the Liberator Throe for all your squirting needs, you can find it on Amazon and if you buy using this link, The O Face Podcast gets a little somethin' somethin'!
Miss Jenga, Freckles and Cap'n Jack!
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Cats and Kittens!

We are Jenga-less this week, but have no fear! Freckles and the Cap'n are here!
We're free-ballin' it all over the place!
Miss Jenga, Freckles and Cap'n Jack
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Kats and Kitties!

Cap'n Jack is off plundering booty somewhere on the Seven Seas but fear not!
We are joined this week by none other than THE Sprinkles and Innocent!
Yes, I said it! You can now pick up your jaws off the floor and get to listening! Put this episode directly into your earholes!
Thank you to everyone that has donated to The O Face Podcast Patreon, we're loving producing the O Face Quickies for you! Join up and see!
Miss Jenga, Freckles and Cap'n Jack
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Hey out there!

Today we are joined by Eri Kardos, she's a Communications and Relationship Coach and she's super awesome!
You can find out more about here here: http://www.erikardos.com and by listening in!
Miss Jenga, Freckles and Cap'n Jack
Be sure to check out our Patreon site: http://patreon.com/TheOFacePodcast and become a supporter!
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Hey there sexy cats and kittens,

We've got listener mail. A young lady has a very exciting question for her man, but isn't sure she wants to ask, for fear of being though a "freak!" Listen up to hear our advice!
Also, stories! Seven days of Jack play and all it took was Freckles leaving the country!
Listen in!
Miss Jenga, Freckles and Cap'n Jack
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Hey cuties!

Today we're talking about polyamory and Cap'n Jack reveals something about his personal explorations.
Lot's of good stories today, listen in!
Miss Jenga, Freckles and Cap'n Jack
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December 30, 2014

OFP Episode 7: Compersion

Difficulty_979.jpgBetter late than never!

We have had a crazy week and we're not done! Tune in and find out what the hell is going on.
This week's topic, Compersion, the exact opposite of Jealousy!
<--- Also, this happened
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December 22, 2014

OFP Episode 6: Hey Jealousy!

This episode was going to be all Lifestyle 101, but turned into a protracted discussion of the pros and cons of jealousy in a relationship.

That's right, we said "pros." And there are some.
Send us your best/worst jealousy stories! theofacepodcast@gmail.com
This one is a little longer than usual, but stick with us, there are great stories at the beginning *and* the end! Just in time for the Holidays! Freckles was going to break it into two parts, but really couldn't find a good place to do it, so enjoy us a little more this holiday season!
Also, check us out on iTunes, subscribe to the show there and rate us!
Happy Holidays!
Miss Jenga, Freckles and Cap'n Jack
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