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Positively Poly, Salaciously Swinging, Garrulously Groovy


The New Year is here, Jenga and Freckles catch up on all the doins'!
Ever wondered about how to navigate kink with a broken ankle or what to do when faced with a question about barbeque?
Join us and find out!
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The Uncompensated Product Endorsement of the Week!
We'd like to recommend theĀ Liberator Throe for all your squirting needs, you can find it on Amazon and if you buy using this link, The O Face Podcast gets a little somethin' somethin'!
Miss Jenga, Freckles and Cap'n Jack!
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Well folks, we did it, we wrapped up a solid 6 days of parties with the most EPIC NEW YEARS PARTY EVER!

Join us for a recap of the week and a look back at Cap'n Jack's first year in The Lifestyle.

Also, this lil' beauty is now the official "host prize" of the podcast. Whatever little contest Freckles comes up with for Jenga and the Cap'n to compete over, this is the baton that'll be passed.
Listen in, for all the details!
Miss Jenga, Freckles and Cap'n Jack
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